Drive-in doesn’t mean drive into marquee

damaged 99W marqueeKPTV, Portland OR’s news leader, reported how a car drove into the marquee of the 99W Drive-In in Newberg. Not only does the report include some video of the theater as it looks today, but KPTV also included a bit of home movies from the 99W’s construction 50 years ago. You really should check out the video.

The 99W is still facing the expense of the transition to digital projection, and KPTV’s report makes it sound like they’ll try to raise money while operating with film for one more year. Now they’ve got to fix the sign too, but one would hope that somebody’s insurance will cover that.

KOIN, yet another news leader in Portland, added a short slide show of the incident. Normally, I’d also link to the drive-in’s page, but I’m not sure whether to choose the official company web site, which has some great recent and old photos in its gallery, or the Friends of the 99W Facebook page, which is where the tilted marquee photo was first posted. So I guess I’ll mention both.