Clark 54 Drive-In for sale, cheap

Clark 54 drive-in signKHQA, the Tri-States’ News Leader, reports that the Clark 54 Drive-In of Summer Hill IL is for sale, and the official Clark 54 web site confirms it.

According to KHQA, owner Mike Glass isn’t selling because of the looming conversion to digital projection or a lack of business, but “for personal reasons.” Okay.

The Clark 54 opened in 1952. KHQA says that a real estate agent said it’s averaged over $61,000 in annual profit over the last six years. The 70-foot screen was recently refurbished “and the septic system has been given health department approval.” I’m all in favor of that! And I know that the Clark 54 already has a Facebook page, because that’s where I borrowed the thumbnail to illustrate this news note. For another couple of photos and a few more details, check out the KHQA article.

The listing price is reported to be $245,000. If you’re interested, contact Wade Real Estate at 217-285-2774.