Saco Drive-In plight featured on TV

Inside the projection room at the Saco Drive-InThe News Leader of Auburn ME, WMTW, recently ran a story about the Saco Drive-In of Saco ME. We mentioned the Saco here at Carload a month ago, and there isn’t a lot of new information in this new report, but there’s some nice video of the Saco marquee and from inside its projection booth.

According to the report, “At least two other theaters in Maine, one in Boothbay (maybe the Harbor Theatre in Boothbay Harbor) and the other in Damrascotta (probably the Lincoln) are both open thanks to the public pitching in to buy the new projectors.” But those are both indoor theaters, so we don’t really follow them on Carload. Never mind.

I would have loved to embed the video, even with its preroll advertising, but the best I can do is show you a screen grab and suggest that you head to WMTW’s site to check it out for yourself.