Skyline Theater also turns to Kickstarter

Skyline theater screenThe Skyline Drive-In Theater (aha! someone else who spells it -ter) in Shelton WA is the latest drive-in to turn to Kickstarter to raise funds for its conversion to digital projection. As that page describes it:

“Small theaters all over the country are left to fight over the few 35mm prints that are currently being made.The drive-in theater, seen by many as little more than a fossil of movie-going history, is last in line for new movies.The only way to change that is to convert to digital projectors.”

As of this writing, the Skyline has raised less than $9,000 of its $40,000 goal, with a deadline of May 12. If they get enough cash, they also say that they’ll restore its neon sign to its “original 1964 glory”. If you’ve ever been to the Skyline, this would be a good time to show your support.

Update: The Olympian of Olympia WA ran a story about the Skyline’s Kickstarter project. It includes a little more information and a pair of nice photos. Check it out!