Big Mo is “squirreling away” for conversion

Big Mo marqueeThe Aiken (SC) Standard ran a nice story this weekend about The Big Mo Drive-In in Monetta. Richard and Lisa Boaz, co-owners of The Big Mo are taking a standard, optimistic approach to the movie industry’s transition to digital projection – they’re hanging on to their film projectors for a long as they can while they’re “squirreling away” money to pay for the necessary new equipment.

The Big Mo has been open since 1951, and the current owners bought the place in 1999. Richard has a day job, yet he still finds the time to knit the film from each movie’s reels onto one huge reel, then take them back apart to return them. According to the Standard, the movie trailers come separately, and Richard often keeps them. “Maybe (I’ll) throw up a trailer festival,” he said. That sounds like fun!

So go check out the story with its small gallery of nice photos. Then visit The Big Mo’s Facebook page, where there’s a lot more information, history, and photos, including the photo I grabbed for this note.