Mendon Twin reopens Friday

The Mendon (MA) Twin Drive-In is set to reopen this Friday, according to a report in the Milford Daily News. Susan Swanson, the owner or “co-owner” (what she calls herself in the video above) said her annual cleanup efforts have been relatively light this year. Spring usually brings strong sales because patrons are “itching” to go back for another season.

Swanson has (co-?)owned the Mendon Twin for 27 years. “I thought, my whole life, that drive-ins are a magical experience,” she said. “You’re coming in and seeing a movie under the stars. It doesn’t get better than that.”

The article doesn’t mention the Mendon Twin’s digital conversion status at all, but it’s a fine story with lots of smart quotes. Another Swanson remark, one that should be on a sign somewhere at every drive-in, was “If your dashboard lights are on, you’ve done something wrong.” There’s a lot of other great stuff, including a few photos, so go read it!