McHenry Outdoor Theater getting ready for 2013

Aerial view of McHenry Outdoor TheaterA recent story in the Northwest Herald, which serves McHenry County IL, described how a few seasonal businesses there were preparing for the return of warm weather. After spending the first half talking about an ice cream parlor, the article began discussing something we care about, the McHenry Outdoor Theater of McHenry IL.

You may remember that the McHenry was one of a swarm of Illinois drive-ins that launched Kickstarter campaigns in the hope of getting enough cash to buy digital projectors. The Northwest Herald tells us that, for the McHenry, Kickstarter didn’t work, falling about $100,000 short of its $130,000 goal. When you don’t reach a Kickstarter goal, the folks who pledged don’t have to pay anything, so the McHenry got nothing out of it. This year, they plan to try Indiegogo, where they think they’ll have a better chance at a smaller amount.

The best news is that the McHenry will reopen for another season on May 3. Let’s hope it can stay alive!