St. Albans Drive-In is for sale

WFFF, Burlington VT’s news leader, came up with a great bit of investigative reporting. It found that the St. Albans Drive-In, just across the border in St. Albans NH VT, is for sale. The implication is that St. Albans’ future is in doubt.

According to WFFF, the St. Albans had been owned by Paul Gamache, who died in January. Now his son, Anthony Gamache, owns the place, and he wasn’t talking to WFFF. Oh, and did we mention that there’s a new Walmart being built across the street?

A nice touch at the end of the report: “Regardless of the motive for selling it on the drive-in’s real estate listing the property is called superb for retail.”

2 thoughts on “St. Albans Drive-In is for sale

  1. This Drive In is located in St.Albans ,VERMONT .
    We are located just across route 7 from the St.Albans Drive in Theatre.
    Its just a matter of time until its sold off for development.
    From what can be seen there are very few customers attending now more so over thee last couple of decades.
    Walmarts Grand Opening is set for October 16, 2013 .
    It only took 19 years to get the permits needed. ONLY in Vermont!

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