This is probably the Keno’s final season

Keno Drive-InThis week, the Kenosha (WI) News did a magnificent job of reporting the status of the Keno Drive-In of Pleasant Prairie. According to the article, a Save the Keno page popped up on Facebook last week, drawing a lot of support. The city fathers in Pleasant Prairie say they don’t know of any specific plans to replace the Keno with a Walmart or anything else, but apparently there are a lot of rumors about it.

Mind you, it doesn’t look good. According to the article, “Jeff Rey, president of Cinema Management Corp., which has leased Keno for the past seven years, said he was told by the property owner last fall that this year would likely be the last for the drive-in.” Rey said he’s seen workers performing soil tests on the site. The landowner couldn’t be reached for comment.

Rey also said that he invested in digital projection equipment for another drive-in he owns, the Cascade in West Chicago IL, but he’s sticking with film for now at the Keno, where business is still good. “I think people are wanting to get out there because this might be their last chance,” he said. “Unless something unexpected happens, it looks like it will be the end.”