Two MINI notes equals one post

Old-time cars at the Warwick-Drive-In

Definitely not MINIs, but it is the Warwick Drive-In. Photo by Craige Moore.

Hope you enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend. Here at Carload world headquarters, we ran into two short drive-in notes with an unusual common thread – the MINI line of cars. Please note that Carload is not sponsored by MINI or any other car company, but if you’re a MINI executive reading this, we’re always open to new advertisers.

First off is a MINI-sponsored slide show on The headline and first sentence of this one had been coming up in my searches for weeks, but Salon had hidden it until Monday. The 10 drive-in photos are worth the visit, and it’s nice to read someone else who recognizes that “the only thing cooler than an air-conditioned auditorium is watching ‘Back to the Future’ from your own time machine on wheels.”

The second note comes from, of all places. It’s a puff piece about the Prestige MINI dealership in Ramsey NJ and its annual MINI Movie Night across the border at the Warwick Drive-In in Warwick NY. This year’s event will be Wednesday, June 5. Maybe I should have labeled that as another great idea for drive-in operators – partner with a nearby dealership to take over an underproductive weeknight. Sounds like fun!