Another reason to love drive-ins: Dogs

Hot dog in bun

Not this kind of drive-in dog reminded me recently of yet another reason why drive-ins can be more fun than indoor movie theaters. With drive-ins, it’s okay if you bring your dog to watch with you.

The uncredited author talked with Don and Susan Sanders, who wrote the book The American Drive-In Movie Theater. One of them (perhaps both in unison?) was quoted as saying, “Dogs help us to meet people. People take their dogs to the drive-in and socialize with others who have a pet.”

According to Cindy Deppe of Becky’s Drive-In (Berlinsville PA), a growing number of customers are bringing dogs. “Fido can relax next to their owners instead of staying home alone,” she said.

The article’s a fun, offbeat look at drive-ins and dogs, so you ought to go read it. But ignore the suggestion to rely on for the latest drive-in list. I love that site, but I don’t think it’s been updated for 10 years. Am I wrong?