Canada’s Hanover goes digital

Digital movie projector

This is actually a digital projector in Glendale AZ, but I couldn’t find any Hanover photos.

Over at The Post of Ontario, Patrick Bales reported this week on the reopening of a Hanover tradition, the Hanover Drive-In Theatre. It begins its 60th year with a new digital projector.

Hanover co-owner JD Lyons talked about making the decision to switch from film. “We sort of had to pay, convert, or become history,” Lyons said. ” We decided, after dwelling on that for sometime, that we would make the move and go to digital.”

The other co-owner, Lyle Schaus, makes sure that the movie’s hard drives and activation keys are working before showtime. “Last thing I want is to have a bunch of people in here, start the machine, and no go,” he said.

The Post article also includes a couple of nice photos and a lot more about Lyons and Schaus and the history of the Hanover. So you just know that you ought to go read it!