Sokol Park jumps on football bandwagon

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Circle Drive-In (Dickson City PA) showing Monday Night Football and an annual Penn State game. Now the Omaha World-Herald lets us know that the new Sokol Park Drive-In of Bellevue NE is going to show the Nebraska football game this Saturday evening.

The World-Herald said the park will open at noon for tailgating and festivities up through game time at 6 pm. The first 150 cars get to park in front of the screen; later arrivals will need to park nearby and bring blankets or chairs to sit outside and watch.

“We are going to have an environment like being at the game,’’ said Sokol Park owner Brandon Miller. “You’ll be able to tailgate, hang out with your friends and actually watch the game from your tailgate party on a huge screen.”

Sokol Park will be showing movies through Halloween, then will close for the season. When it reopens next spring, it’ll probably have a new name, according to a note on the Sokol Park web site. “Having purchased Sokol Park this year, … (w)e originally intended to keep the name … . However, our family has no ties to the Sokol Organization and we want to take away any confusion that keeping the Sokol name may bring.” A new name, probably a new URL, it’ll all be something to watch out for.