Videos capture the end of Motor Vu’s season

Was it the final weekend of 2016, or forever? Only time will tell the fate of the Motor Vu of Dallas OR. In any case, KATU, Portland’s News Leader, was there for a live report from the packed drive-in.

Jeff Mexico, co-owner of Motor Vu, said the landowner wants over $1 million. After announcing on Facebook that the drive-in might close for good, Mexico was surprised by the depth of support and calls for crowdfunding. (“We weren’t expecting this,” he wrote.) The decision on how to move forward should come in the next week or two.

Meanwhile, I’m always grateful for any video that conveys the drive-in experience, and KATU’s report is much better than most. Enjoy!

Update: Mexico announced that he’s turned to Indiegogo as his crowdfunding platform. As he wrote on Facebook, “If we get close to goal we will purchase the land and pay mortgage on the rest. If we don’t get close to the goal we will cancel and no funds will be collected.” Make your donation pledge here.

And as a bonus, here’s another very good drive-in experience video from KGW, Portland’s other News Leader.