Pop-Up Drive-In In Los Angeles Underway

A small line of cars watching a movie on a screen against a wall

How the drive-in looked earlier this season. Photo courtesy of FLAX.

There have been other examples of drive-in theaters run by a non-profit group, but the latest out of California is different. The charity in this case is the France Los Angeles Exchange (FLAX), which promotes mutual understanding between Southern California and France through the arts. On Monday and Tuesday nights for three months, September through November, FLAX is showing double features in a parking lot with a pop-up screen erected against a wall.

The Tin Flats Drive-In, as it were, is quite small, with room for just 10 cars plus 30 seats. Its scheduled movies, such as The Tuba Thieves, appear to be light on drive-in friendly explosions and space battles. On the other hand, not only is this drive-in free, it also includes free iced tea, popcorn, and candy.

If this FLAX Drive-In series returns next year, and I hope it does, it would become a serious contender for inclusion on the drive-in theater list. It’s a permanent setting, viewers can drive their own cars in to watch, and it has a regular schedule, so it ticks off all the boxes. Meanwhile, if you’re in the neighborhood, you really ought to sign up to reserve a space and check out an unusual, artistic drive-in experience.