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Fort Worth’s Coyote won’t open till 2013

According to a story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Tarrant Regional Water District owns the land and in February granted a 10-year lease for the drive-in. Wood had hoped to open this summer, but decided to hold off till spring when the Coyote will have completed “a pavilion, beer garden(!) and a large playground”. KXAS, Dallas-Fort…

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Memphis remembers the Bellevue

Vance Lauderdale, a columnist for Memphis magazine, gave us a tease to whet our appetite for an article about the old Summer Drive-In (Memphis TN) in its November issue. (Not Memphis’s current Summer, which is still open, as shown by the Flickr pool photo at the right. Confusing!) Anyway, this online memory isn’t about any…

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Starlight Six is in worshipful spotlight

The Film Screen Rejects site devoted a recent installment of its Movie House of Worship series on the Starlight Six Drive-In (Atlanta GA). The article presented a thorough rundown of all elements of the Starlight Six, including its history, a few nice old photos, and some personal memories. “I used to go to the drive-in all the…

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