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Bengies owner appeals judge’s ruling

From The Baltimore Sun comes the story of Bengies Drive-In (Baltimore MD). It seems that the 56-year-old theater was doing fine until a Royal Farms convenience and grocery store opened nearby, and its lights began to interfere with folks trying to watch the movie. The owner of Bengies sued Royal Farms, and earlier this year, a jury…

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More Illinois theaters turn to Kickstarter

From The News-Gazette of central Illinois comes word that two other Illinois theaters have also turned to Kickstarter to try to raise money for the digital conversion. In addition to the Midway, which we covered a few days ago, the Harvest Moon (Gibson City IL) and the indoor Onarga Theater (Onarga IL) have started these campaigns…

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Two south Florida drive-ins stay popular

Tired of all the digital conversion articles? Then you’ll love this piece from the Sun Sentinel, which is a classic example of the “Hey, we still have some drive-ins around, and they are so cool” kind of article. Not one word about that 2013 thing. There’s a photo of the Swap Shop (Lake Worth) with…

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