Family Drive-In opens for 58th season

Family_fromsiteWHAG, Hagerstown MD’s news leader, recently ran a video report about the 2013 season opener of the Family Drive-In across the border in Stephens City VA. The Family bills itself as “the only drive-in left in northern Virginia and the DC Metro area”. I’ll grant the northern Virginia part, but the Family really isn’t near Washington DC. Bengies, in suburban Baltimore, is at least 10 miles and 10 minutes closer to the Washington Monument than the Family. But I digress.

I really wish I could embed that video here, but you’ll have to go visit to see it. I also wish that video’s page wasn’t messed up; there’s more to read but you’ll need to highlight the text or view the page’s source to overcome the black-on-black type after the first few paragraphs. Or maybe it’s just my computer. I digress again.

Jim Kopp owns the Family, but longtime box office employee Paula Cooper has the best quote. “Every night, somebody will say ‘will you show the movies?'” Cooper said. “And I say ‘as long as we get some cars’ and ‘what’s the magic number?’ I don’t know because we’ve never closed it down.” Go watch the rest!