Motor Vu of Imperial CA won’t reopen

Motor Vu drive-in sign and screenWhile it’s heartening to celebrate the continued existence of so many drive-in theaters, it’s also important to make note of those that pass away. Last week, the Imperial Valley Press of El Centro CA ran an article which said that the Motor Vu Twin Drive-In Theatre was closed indefinitely. The Motor Vu’s Facebook page hasn’t been updated since November 2010, another sign that this drive-in is gone.

The Imperial Valley Press quoted Bobby Gran, operations manager for Cal-Gran Theaters. Gran said, “It was partially because of the digital situation and getting the 35 millimeter prints. And based on the books, it wasn’t producing enough money. It was a business decision.”

The article also gathered lots of reaction quotes from former patrons of the Motor Vu, which had been open since at least 1952. (It’s included in the list of active drive-ins in my copy of the 1952 Theatre Catalog.) There’s also a nice photo, so go read it!