Midway using Kickstarter to go digital

Midway Drive-In movie screen, Palmyra, IllinoisThe Midway Drive-In (Palmyra IL) is facing the modern problem of needing to buy a digital projector. It’s attempting to solve it with a modern solution: a Kickstarter project. Folks who pledge the right amount of cash will receive rewards such as popcorn and pop (we call it “soda” around here), a t-shirt, admission passes, and semi-private weekday screenings. If you’re a business, you can also just sponsor the Midway’s new projector and get some advertising out of it, but that sounds very old-fashioned.

The horror-movie fans at Dread Central are on board with this project. You might also just swing by the Midway web site to learn more about the place. Stand-up comedy at a drive-in? That’s cool!

Carload expands to three more states

demo delayAfter 15 years of serving up the weekly movie listings for Colorado drive-in theaters, this site is expanding. I just added the other three states of the Four Corners: Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. But if Colorado movie listings are what you want, you can still find them here.

Like all those theaters that have to adapt to the digital age, Carload needed to adapt to the mobile age. I figured that the best way to present more of the latest drive-in news was to convert this into a blog, mostly. The news will be right up front, below this post. And other fun drive-in stuff is still available if you click the Fun Stuff and other links in the navigation bar above this post.

Like those drive-ins who can invest in digital projectors, Carload is in it for the long haul. Let’s enjoy what we have together for as long as it lasts.

Texans wax nostalgic at the Brazos

Granbury Opera House Texas plaqueThe San Antonio News-Express had a lovely, nostalgic puff piece about the Brazos Drive-In (Granbury TX) in its Sunday edition. I find it ironic that they had to go out of town to experience the fun of a drive-in movie; one of my favorite memories was of the Mission in San Antonio. I sat there watching the movie with a true Spanish mission’s bell tower off to one side. Between shows, the crowd would erupt with music (from the cars, not the theater sound system). It was great fun, but I digress.

There aren’t any active drive-ins left in San Antonio, but Granbury’s is still thriving. The rest of the article includes some fine photos and a few bits of interesting info. “Two Texas drive-ins show sexually explicit films.” Huh, what?