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Did DI owners speculate on land? Not all of them

View Larger Map A few weeks ago when the Cottage Grove DI closed, I included a link to a Minnesota Public Radio interview with a local drive-in historian. If you listened to the interview, you learned that one of this guy’s main points was that the wave of drive-in popularity was really a wave of…

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What to do with all those projectors?

Here’s the germ of a business idea for you. With the digital conversion wave sweeping across North America in 2013, there will be roughly a zillion discarded theater-grade film projectors that will be available for cheap or free or better. (If they’re heavy enough, maybe someone will pay you to haul them off?) Given this…

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Kings is closed for the season, maybe for good

As we reported recently, the Kings Drive-In (Armona CA) was suffering the effects of vandalism and was hoping to find enough support to keep going. Now there’s a new story from KFSN, Fresno’s news leader, that it may all be for naught. The report says that switching to a digital projection system would require more…

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