Watch this great short about Colorado Drive-Ins

I just realized that I haven’t shared this great short film with you. It’s called Projector: The Last Outdoor Cinemas of Colorado, and it looks like a labor of love for director Mike Liguori and his Thousand Foot Pictures.

Liguori hopes to expand the short into a feature-length documentary, which would be a great thing, of course. For the latest information, you can sign up for his email list or check his Facebook page.

Projector was filmed in 2010, before the digital conversion crisis reached its peak. Although it doesn’t point it out, the short interviews the two owners of the two unrelated Colorado theaters named Star Drive-In, one in Monte Vista and one in Montrose. Keep watching for glimpses of the playground still available in Monte Vista, the abandoned Frontier sign near Center CO, and the neon signs of the 88 of Commerce City. Check it out!

One thought on “Watch this great short about Colorado Drive-Ins

  1. Hello!

    Stumbled upon your blog site yesterday and love what your doing here. Particularly loved the clip of the short film posted here about Colorado drive-ins.

    I have a friend who owns the Centerbrook Drive-in in Indiana and have been recently researching how digital conversion is affecting Colorado drive-ins, particularly the 88 and Holiday Twin as I live on the north side of Denver.

    I look forward to seeing more posts in the near future – keep up the good work!


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